02 December 2008

Legami a idrogeno

In questo albo Julia era alle prese con un dilemma giudiziario sullo sfondo di una Garden City completamente innevata: l'ideale per mettere a frutto i miei studi di chimica...
Per la lunga scena finale ambientata in tribunale mi sono ispirato ad "Anatomia di un omicidio", di Otto Preminger, sfruttando l'occasione per ritrarre il mio amico avvocato Berny (lo si vede a fianco dell'anziano giudice) ed anche lo sceneggiatore Lorenzo Calza nei panni del reporter disegnatore, per una volta alle matite invece che alle tastiere:)

In this Julia issue Garden City is completely covered with snow, so it's quite actual. My chemistry studies became useful at last, when it came to draw all those hydrogen bonds...
The story ends with a long scene set at the city court, inspired by Otto Preminger's "Anatomy of a murder", where I could portrait my friend lawyer Berny (see him sitting beside the judge) and writer Lorenzo Calza, for once drawing instead of typing, as the reporter in the last page...

Julia #62: "L'assassino è innocente
Story: Berardi/Calza


looka said...

Once again, I absolutely love how it all comes togther in these drawings. I wonder if a whole book of them wouldn't knock me over! ;)

Anonymous said...

wow nelle prime due fa proprio freddo! con i neri poi sei sempre geniale

Pagas said...

Le tavole con la neve sono molto suggestive, conferiscono alla narrazione un ritmo particolare.

Queste tavole rappresentano una vera lezione di fumetto:

Il bianco e nero, la cura del dettaglio, delle inquadrature ecc. ecc.


alan said...

What a treat to get an update (too rare). Great pages. As usual, your placements of black are beautifully judged. The panels on the first page, of the branches with buildings in the background, are fantastic. Also love your drawings of the female lead character - beautiful classically proportioned face, like something you might see in a Leonard Starr strip. Mm, what else? Great angles: you never make it easy, but always go for interesting viewpoints.

Roberto Zaghi said...

usually it all comes together with a big effort... it's always a struggle! Thanks.

chiunque tu sia, arigato:)

con la neve si ottengono sempre dei buoni risultati, è una condizione particolarmente adatta ad essere fumettata. Qui poi la nevicata non è fortissima, piuttosto direi a fiocchettoni da qualche ettogrammo cadauno:)

too kind. I have an italian reprint of some Mary Perkins strips, not the best ones I think, cause I've seen wonderful colored pages on the web. His ladies were great, and his brushy inks also. Speaking of masters currently at work, I love the way Ernesto Garcia Seijas brought up to date this kind of classical beauty.

Dylan said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Roberto.

looka said...

Yeah... don't say. It would be too good when they would come easy as well, right?
But looking at your work is always a great motivation and enjoyment!

alan said...

Hey, thanks for the Seijas recommendation. Saw some nice stuf online.

Enrico said...

Le tavole in tribunale sono davvero davvero magnifiche!

(diciamo la verità: ci hai sempre abituato bene!)

Roberto Zaghi said...

thanks mate...

mm.... perhaps it was R.Fawcett that said something like "when a drawing comes too easily it's not so good as it seems". Well I don't completely agree with him, cause I've seen some very talented artists draw incredible sketches at the restaurant, sometimes even upside-down...!

have you visited his homepage? Too bad the images are damn small. He's currently working for Bonelli, on Tex, with great results. He also did a beautiful Julia issue, set in the fashion business of Paris, stunning artwork!

haaa!!! Sorpresona! Anche tu un bloggaro dunque, tra le innumerevoli altre cose... ti linko subito:)

Mel Maduro said...

Wow, these are really amazing. I can't wait to see more!

alan said...

I went to the Seijas homepage, yes. The size of the image files was frustrating. He handles anatomy and wardrobe brilliantly.

E_Bone said...

Che dire...bellissime!!!Bravo!

il decu said...

Sempre più spettacolari 'ste tavole!
Secondo me, se ci metti "un po' di meno" arrivi alla perfezione.

Roberto Zaghi said...

and there's more indeed, each album counts 126 pages... :)

the man is a giant, the character I prefer is "El nigro blanco", in Italy "Bruno Bianco" an impressive, long, charming, funny story of a journalist set in Argentina in the 90s, with a wide range of beautiful girls, each exceptionally distinguished!


grazie! Parole sante! Ma faccio una fatica a togliere... e invece mettere è semplicissimo, grrr!

benton jew said...

Beautiful work Roberto! That courtroom panel looks great. I appreciate that you never hesitate to handle the difficult stuff! I would have probably cheated my way out of doing such a tough shot. Perspective can be really tough.

Great storytelling as well. You know you're doing it right when you can get a feel for the mood and story without even the words.

Great use of black and white, too!

Alina Chau said...

These pages of comic are beautiful!!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Wonderful pages , I especially like the mood of the first two p[ages.

As an aside , Are you a fan of Micheluzzi ? He's one of my favorite fumetti artists.

Roberto Zaghi said...

I've been lucky, I had a super good teacher when I took my very first drawing lessons, Nathan Never artist G.Bonazzi! He taught perspective wondefully and in a quite useful way.
Btw often I fail to keep the right proportions between things in depth.

you're very kind thanks for stopping by!

Micheluzzi is one of my favorite artist ever! Which albums do you have? His layouts, his black and white, his storytelling.... not to mention the character design and the love for history research. A master with few equals. Toth was a fan of him, too, and vice-versa.
btw thanks!

Eric Orchard said...

Every panel is achingly beautiful.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Roberto - I've too many to list all of them , but my faves are 'Petra Cherie' , 'Air Mail ' ,'Marcel Labrume' and 'Shanghai'.

As a side note , For the last year or so I been helping out the publisher at Classic Comics Press layout and clean up some of Leonard Starr's covers for their reprints of Mary Perkins. The volumes are very nicely done and you can order from Charles ( publisher) directly. I've few Starr originals signed to me from Leonard and prize them dearly.

I just finished designing the cover for the first volume of Heart Of Juliet Jones reprints as well.

Check out the link .........


Roberto Zaghi said...

thanks mate, way toooo kind!

thanks for the info! I didn't know that publisher, think I'm gonna make myself a little Christmas present by ordering a couple of Mary P.!
But... you're telling me great news - Starr is still producing artwork! And you have some originals signed by him, hmmmmm.... I think I hate you for that:)
Btw you picked the same Micheluzzi favorites as I do.

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice sense of staging and composition!

Dillon said...

These pages are beautiful, you have a great sense for composition and the balance of black and white is perfect.
Great blog