06 December 2016

My contribute to “The Shadow of the Bat” exhibition organized by Club Batman (Spain). 
Made with Clip Studio Paint EX.

Spider Gwen fan art

Spider Gwen fan art drawn by me and gorgeously colored by Andrea “The Guardinian” Guardino - who also added the logo. Thanks so much Andrea! 
Photo reference for this image courtesy of the amazing #Roshiemodel !

13 November 2016

Batgirl fanart

Original art on Schoellershammer A4 paper (media: Winsor &Newton ink and brush)

Step 2 - color flats using Photoshop

Step 3 - final colors w/ DAUB digital watercolors for Clip Studio Paint EX.

Lots of fun as I love the character and her interpretation by Bengal.


21 July 2016

Orfani: RIngo Vol. 4 BAO is on sale!

Cover art by Emiliano Mammucari (series co-creator)

Drawings: me, colors: Giovanna Niro

A look at the "making of" section (illustration by me)

My interpretation of Cliff - Bao Publishing's mascotte & logo

Available in all bookstores and comic stores in Italy - Orfani: Ringo Vol. 4 deluxe hardcover edition by Bao Publishing.
Containing the conclusive 3 stories of the series Ringo, including the last one written by Roberto Recchioni and drawn by me.
Special contents: sketches, studies, bw art, pinups and interviews.

More art can be found HERE.

29 June 2016

Gundam Origins Tribute

Digital sketch from scratch w/ Clip Studio Paint EX - Wacom Cintiq 22HD

Traditional pencil on Schoellershammer 250gr paper w/ Huion LED lightbox

Ink with Tombow fine brushpen

Cool/Neutral/Toner/Warm greys Copic Markers render

Piece is included in the volume "Cuore e Acciaio", more than 50 italian comic artists tributing their favorite Anime Giant Robot TV series of the 80s/90s.  

22 June 2016

Comic Art Store Official NEW Website

The guys at Comic Art Store have made a fantastic job renewing the official site, it looks amazing!
As one of the 20 represented artists I can say that I am very proud of being a part of the team.

Take a look at my profile (it contains a wide biography too), new pieces are added on a monthly basis. I strongly recommend taking a tour of the whole webiste!
Every original art piece you purchase comes quickly at your place wrapped in a professional package and with a bonus sketch card inside. Commission list is now closed due to high workload, but will be open asap :-)

06 May 2016

Clip Studio Paint EX timelapse (Thomas Silane 10) by Roberto Zaghi

Clip Studio Paint EX process for a panel of Thomas Silane 10, coming out in 2017. Artist: Roberto Zaghi, writers: Patrice Buendia/Philippe Chanoinat. (c) Bamboo/Grand-Angle.
Some brushes have been purchased from the DAUB-Brushes store.

28 March 2016

Thomas Silane #9 - coming very soon!

Cover art.

Page 1

THOMAS SILANE 9 is out in France, Belgium and online stores the 30th of march!
It's the 1st part of a new 2 books cycle and the action continues exactly from where it ended on the previous book! Which means.... guess where: Buenos Aires. But our heroes are going to travel a lot in this new album!

Click HERE to get to the official Bamboo/Grand Angle page, with more infos and previews.
Important note: the authors welcome the talented Ketty Formaggio as new colorist of Thomas Silane!

Thomas Silane #9 - Expériences
Story: Patrice Buendia & Philippe Chanoinat
Drawings: Roberto Zaghi
Colors: Ketty Formaggio
Bamboo/Grand Angle Edition

29 February 2016

Thor fan art

Step 1: digital sketch from scratch (Manga Studio - DAUB pencil - Cintiq)
Step 2: lightboxing on Schoeller 250gr paper and refining w/ 2B - 4B pencil
Step 3: inking w/ traditional G-Pen nib + Winsor&Newton Series 7 brushes

Step 3: applying cool/neutral/warm Copic greytones   

Step 4: scanning and coloring on color layers w/ Photoshop CS3

I've had a lot of fun with this!

26 January 2016

Warrior commission

A recent commission I made starting off from a digital pencil sketch then pencilled and inked on paper with traditional media (Ink and brush). 

01 January 2016

Thomas SIlane #9 preview

Thomas Silane #9 is coming soon! 
Story: Buendia/Chanoinat, drawings: Zaghi, colors: Ketty Formaggio. 
Bamboo/Grand Angle.