23 June 2010

Thomas Silane 5 is on french shelves!

Story by Patrice Buendia and Philippe Chanoinat, colors by Cyril Saint-Blancat, and of course drawings by me :)
Cycle II, tome 2/3, 46 pages, hardcover, Grand Angle - Bamboo Edition

I received the books last week and the edition looks really cool: great colors!

Here's Thomas in a little cameo made for Patrice Buendia, he's going to make a stamp of it for conventions.

06 June 2010


Serie di vignette estrapolate dall'albo in edicola, cercando di non spoilerare...

Various panels from my last album, trying to avoid spoilers...

Julia #141, "Vite in bilico"
Story: Berardi/Calza