25 February 2019

Fan art.

Enjoing fast sketching and coloring superheroes pinups, for the love of the subject and the pleasure of practicing digital colors and deepening my knowledge of human anatomy. As you can easily tell by the gallery, I continue being partial to female characters :)
This is just fan art, copyright belongs to the owners, which are obviously Marvel and DC.
Tools used: Clip Studio Paint, Wacom Cintq 22 HD.

09 November 2017

TEX Color #12 - coming soon

One of the 32 pages I've drawn for one of the 5 stories included in Color Tex #12, coming out the 22 of November in Italy. The story is written by Claudio Nizzi, one of the most acclaimed writers of this legendary and enduring best-seller. 
The colors are by Oscar Celestini.

Color Tex #12 - cover art by Maurizio Dotti.

12 July 2017

Tomas Silane, dedicaces 2017 en France / Belgique

- 26, 27 août Festival BD de l'Eure, EVREUX (Normandie)
- 7, 8 octobre Festival BD BUC (Versailles)
- 21, 22 octobre BedeBox WATERLOO (Bruxelles)
-18, 19 novembre Festival BD ILLZACH (Alsace)

Thomas Silane 10

Thomas Silane t10, out in France/Belgium stores and online stores suche as Amazon, plus digital eComics sites such as Izneo.com.
Story: Buendia-Chanoinat, drawings: Zaghi, colors: Boccato.
Grand Angle/Bamboo Ed.

13 February 2017

From the SBE official website

Breve intervista pubblicata sul sito ufficiale Sergio Bonelli Editore in occasione dell'uscita dell'albo di Julia "Al centro della bufera", numero di Febbraio 2017.
Link all'intervista, con altre immagini a corredo Qui.

Short interivew (in italian) I did for the Sergio Bonelli Editore Official Website on the issue of Julia currently on sale. More images can be found Here. 

02 February 2017

Julia #221 is on sale!

cover art by Cristiano Spadoni

Julia #221 is on sale in Italy stores! 
Drawings: Roberto Zaghi
Story: Berardi/Calza
Lettering: Pejrano
Editor: Bonomi

Daredevil fan art



DareDevil Fanart Process, all done with Clip Studio Paint EX.

06 December 2016

My contribute to “The Shadow of the Bat” exhibition organized by Club Batman (Spain). 
Made with Clip Studio Paint EX.

Spider Gwen fan art

Spider Gwen fan art drawn by me and gorgeously colored by Andrea “The Guardinian” Guardino - who also added the logo. Thanks so much Andrea! 
Photo reference for this image courtesy of the amazing #Roshiemodel !

13 November 2016

Batgirl fanart

Original art on Schoellershammer A4 paper (media: Winsor &Newton ink and brush)

Step 2 - color flats using Photoshop

Step 3 - final colors w/ DAUB digital watercolors for Clip Studio Paint EX.

Lots of fun as I love the character and her interpretation by Bengal.


21 July 2016

Orfani: RIngo Vol. 4 BAO is on sale!

Cover art by Emiliano Mammucari (series co-creator)

Drawings: me, colors: Giovanna Niro

A look at the "making of" section (illustration by me)

My interpretation of Cliff - Bao Publishing's mascotte & logo

Available in all bookstores and comic stores in Italy - Orfani: Ringo Vol. 4 deluxe hardcover edition by Bao Publishing.
Containing the conclusive 3 stories of the series Ringo, including the last one written by Roberto Recchioni and drawn by me.
Special contents: sketches, studies, bw art, pinups and interviews.

More art can be found HERE.

29 June 2016

Gundam Origins Tribute

Digital sketch from scratch w/ Clip Studio Paint EX - Wacom Cintiq 22HD

Traditional pencil on Schoellershammer 250gr paper w/ Huion LED lightbox

Ink with Tombow fine brushpen

Cool/Neutral/Toner/Warm greys Copic Markers render

Piece is included in the volume "Cuore e Acciaio", more than 50 italian comic artists tributing their favorite Anime Giant Robot TV series of the 80s/90s.