31 March 2015

Ringo 12 preview

I'm currently drawing issue 12 of Orfani: Ringo, which will conclude the arc and introduce the new season of the series. Issue written by Roberto Recchioni and colored by the talented Giovanna Niro. And yes, it's great fun!

Orfani: Ringo created by Recchioni/Mammucari for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

30 March 2015

Batman fan art


Sometimes we just need to pay homage to the heroes of our youth. Batman fan art.

21 March 2015

Thomas Silane 8

(Colors by Cyril Saint-Blancat)

My cover to Thomas Silane 8, available on french bookstores, online stores in both paper and digital versions.

More info HERE.

Thomas Silane ©Buendia/Chanoinat/Zaghi/Bamboo

Blog is back!

Here we go, after a long hiatus robertozaghi.blogspot.com has come back to life...