23 June 2010

Thomas Silane 5 is on french shelves!

Story by Patrice Buendia and Philippe Chanoinat, colors by Cyril Saint-Blancat, and of course drawings by me :)
Cycle II, tome 2/3, 46 pages, hardcover, Grand Angle - Bamboo Edition

I received the books last week and the edition looks really cool: great colors!

Here's Thomas in a little cameo made for Patrice Buendia, he's going to make a stamp of it for conventions.


Matt said...

Wow! I can only imagine how amazing it must feel to have your work published and on shelves. Awesome, sir!

Roberto Zaghi said...

Thanks sir! It's good to have your books on the shelves, especially when you realize that the stack has diminished a bit :)

Alan said...

Looks fantastic. That sequence from pencils to colours, of the diving guy with the gun, looks amazing. What a panel.

Congrats on publications, Roberto!

Roberto Zaghi said...

Alan, I'm really glad you like that because it's one of my favorite panels too. It's a sort of a classic - the hero dives, grabs the gun from the floor and shoots - and I do love classics!
For this one I started from a well captured "action pic". Even though it's only the first stage, sometimes the secret of a panel is in how you visualize it for the first time. Then the game is always the same - pencilling it remembering only the structure of the figure and stressing the dynamics, so that it doesn't look static or photographic.
On top of it, Cyril's colors are really amazing (and that's true for all the pages) and give strenght to the image.

Pagas said...

Sembra davvero un ottimo lavoro, grande accuratezza nei particolari e una personalità grafica vigorosa.

Uscirà anche in Italia?

un saluto

Roberto Zaghi said...

Grazie Paolo!
Al momento è solo per il mercato francofono, si vedrà.


Peter Breese said...

Nice Roberto! Really like the pencil piece!

Franck B said...

I've seen it Roberto.
You did a gooood stuff.

Roberto Zaghi said...


thanks a lot! I remember looking at Zaffino while pencilling this expression, it's one of his classics!


glad you like it! For sure the colors help a lot.

I'd like you to start your own blog one day! You know I'm one of the few dinosaurs who still live "Facebooklessly"...!

Franck B said...

...and you're right, believe me !

Franck B said...

"glad you like it! For sure the colors help a lot"
I said something like that this previous days and a friend of mine answered me : "Don't exagerate, ok ?" ;-)
Keep on the good work, Roberto. You're good.

Roberto Zaghi said...

Ahahah, thanks for the kind words my friend!


Gran bel lavoro, Roberto.
Sarei proprio curioso si
vedere il volume anche qui
in Italia.

Bellissima cover.

Johanna Urban said...

WOW! You are amazing good!!! I love how you work the pictures. Great job!!!

Johanna, Sweden
ART, http://johannaurban.blogspot.com/

Dominic Bugatto said...

Congrats , looks great !

Roberto Zaghi said...

Luigi -
grazie mille e benvenuto!

Johanna -
wow thanks! Btw too kind!

Dominic -
thanks mate, it's always good to hear from you!

benton jew said...

Great stuff! Nice seeing your work in color. Love to see more.