19 November 2008

Deep black ...

A gig with Lo Scorpione !


Pagas said...

Una suspence degna del grande Alfred.


Roberto Zaghi said...

A giorni dovrebbe chiamarci Truffaut per l'intervista:)

Marco Roblin said...

HAHA! Great work Roberto!
Looks awesome...now for the full movie!¿?
Thanks for writing, was a great surprise...did you get mine?
All the best mate!

Algo Lenzi said...

Ti prendi i meriti, vil marrano?
Robe da Brunetta!

Roberto Zaghi said...

we are close to show the full movie. But is it a movie or another thing? :)

Lenzi Algo:
come si sta in pensione? Ora che hai del tempo devi aprire un blog anche tu, così ricambio i commenti! Eheh... :)

looka said...

Hello Roberto!

I'm overthrown by your black and white work! And I have just looked at the first few posts - needed to stop. It's too good to look at all at once ;)

I need to order some italian comics really soon, I just live around the corner.

Roberto Zaghi said...

Hello and thanks for stopping here! I really like your illustrations and the graphics of your blog. Just around the corner = Austria, right?

looka said...

Hey... thank you very much Roberto! I have to dig into your archives and will of course be back for more. I came over from Sam Hiti's Blog. Yes, I'm a neighbor from Vienna - Italy has so many great comics, it's a wonder it didn't affect the Austrians, we can learn a huge deal!

il decu said...

mmmmm... curiosità innescata.

Claudio Cerri said...

Come non dar manforte al commento del Decu?

Roberto Zaghi said...

thanks, your trip into my archives is going to be very fast as I update this blog rarely! Anyway you well deserve a link on the column besides here:)

bene, bene...!

Brivido terrore raccapriccio!:)

looka said...

Oh wow, thank you! I return the favour ;)