08 November 2008

Light vs. shadow

Alcune pagine dalla storia di Julia "Il tassista". Si tratta di un ragazzo borderline che s'immedesima totalmente in Travis Bickle, il protagonista di "Taxi driver", fino al punto di comprare un vecchio taxi ed agire come il suo idolo.

These are from a story of Julia I drew back in 2001. I love the plot, it's all about a borderline guy who considers himself as the "clone" of Travis Bickle, Bob De Niro's character in Taxi Driver. He buys an old taxi cab and starts acting just like Travis.

La cosa buffa è che per rendere bene il tizio in questione ci voleva la faccia giusta... tipo la mia! Infatti eccomi nei panni dello schizzato protagonista, devo ammettere che è stata un'esperienza particolare:)

The funny thing is that It seemed that I had the right face for the guy, so, actually, I drew myself as the character and it was great fun!..:)

Julia #41: "Il tassista"
Story: Berardi/Calza


Dylan said...

Wow, beautiful stuff Roberto. Your angles are amazing. What issue number is that, I'll have to get it next time I order some Bonelli stuff.

Dylan said...

D'oh, just noticed it's no. 41.

Pagas said...

Una delle più belle storie di Julia, davvero un gran bel lavoro nei testi e nei disegni.
Una vera lezione di fumetto

Non conoscevo il fatto che ti eri ritratto nell'autista, molto divertente ehehehehe


Raul Cestaro said...

molto interessanti. Devo recuperare il numero 41!

Roberto Zaghi said...

thanks mate! Too kind. The story is great, are you able to read some italian?

c'è un aneddoto sul fatto di aver prestato la faccia al killer: un giorno in redazione mi sono presentato a Maria Pejrano, la bravissima letterista di Julia, proprio mentre lei stava ultimando di scrivere le tavole del tassista: quando ha alzato lo sguardo e mi ha visto ha avuto un sobbalzo! :)

Raul: Bene! Grazie mille collega!

Mister Tan said...

Great looking art Roberto! Any man who likes Sickels is good in my books.


alan said...

As Dylan says: Great angles. Excellent panel progression. Lovely drawing. I'm a regular visitor from now on.

Roberto Zaghi said...

mister tan:
Any man who likes Sickles is welcome! Thanks for the kind comment and congrats for your artblog.

glad you like the pages! About the panel progression, this is basically due to the script: concise, precise, movie-like.

I add you to my links guys, hope you don't mind!

alan said...

Ha. Only that my modest blog's not really worth a visit. But I guess this is how blogs get readers

Also, Great blacks in your work by the way

Roberto Zaghi said...

> I guess this is how blogs get readers
I hope so! Btw my links are in strict alphabetical order, and yours is between two giants:)
Thanks again.

Dylan said...

"The story is great, are you able to read some italian?"

Sadly, no. I wish I could. I've heard a lot of good things about the writing on the Bonelli books also that the Julia ones are especially good. I'll have to put learn italian on my to do list.

Jeff Durham said...

Always love seeing your work. Sometimes I think the mastery over the 3 tier/6-ish panel layout seems to be a dying art; not here though! Really wonderful, fun, inspiring art.

A. said...

maledetto, quanto sei bravooo. Ma sappi che sono già fan del blog di Marica :D da morir dal ridere!

Marco Roblin said...

WOW! Roberto...
Amazing pages...the use of solids blacks is so well done...so well! AH! For sure if I'm talking about your work...
The frames are really beautifully planed and the final exposition on the pages is movie like! The final pages are black and white or colored?
So, you smashed in front of the panel? I know how hard can be! HEHEHE! remember my Houdini fight scene?
Well, so happy to find this awesome place...
All the best Roberto!
Ahhh! You got a copy of The Edge Of The Unknown as soon we finish it...by regular mail!

Roberto Zaghi said...

of course I agree with all that you heard:)

kind words mate, thanks a lot:) This page layout is as alive as possible among the Bonelli comics. It works perfectly with the movie language!

visto che roba?!? Anzi ne approfitto per fare un po' di pubblicità al suo fenomenale blog !

thanks a lot, btw I'd really like to have a copy of your album ordered at my comicshop! Anyway if you're going to send me one, please sign it for your mate:)
I'll be glad to send my next stuff to you when it comes out next year.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Great pages. Nice storytelling and solid inks.

Declan Shalvey said...

These are lovely pages. I really like how you spot your blacks.



Roberto Zaghi said...

thanks dominic! Nice to hear it from you.

thanks for stopping by declan!

benton jew said...

Great storytelling and shadow shapes.

Alex would be proud!

looka said...

Roberto! Wow! I've never seen something so well described and yet so smooth and fluently energetic. I really enjoy your artwork.

il decu said...

Che spettacolo queste tavole!!!

Roberto Zaghi said...

you have been so lucky to meet him! I don't know the story behind, but for sure all of the comic artists that I know envy you - including me of course.
I'm among the many who wrote to him, as Jeff or John of Tothfans posted his address on the website. I included some xeroxes, hoping (and even fearing...) for a wise comment from the master. Alex was very close to the end, and there was no reply. Anyway I'm drawing with Paul Revere and The town that buried me alive open on the board, so he's not so far from here...

thanks man! If you're going to buy some italian comics try some Julia! I am reading the #1 for the fifth time, it's drawn by a monster (Vannini), strongly recommended!

grazie per il rifornimento di energia! :)

E_Bone said...

complimenti davvero molto belle queste tavole.
Sei pulito,ma allo stesso tempo molto morbido e come al solito non posso fare a meno di complimentarmi con te per lo storytelling sempre chiarissimo e leggibile!


looka said...

Roberto, Thank you for the recommendation, I just saw some drawings from it, it's great! I already started looking for them. I'm afraid I will get the whole run so I won't miss your episodes....

Claudio Cerri said...

Davvero un lavoro egregio. Per me le tue tavole sono un punto di riferimento da prendere in considerazione per chiunque voglia capire come distribuire il bianco e nero e raccontare una storia con pulizia e stile da vendere.

Alina Chau said...

THese pages rock!

Roberto Zaghi said...

grazie mille, la morbidezza qui forse è dovuta allo strumento 'improprio' con cui ho inchiostrato le tavole: un eyeliner Shiseido caricato a china:)

this sounds really great!

... ehm, gasp, ti ringrazio per questo commento proveniente dalla galassia di Andromeda:)
Cmq Julia, come ricordo sempre, è un lavoro di gruppo!

thanks for stopping by:)