04 June 2014

Alex Toth Tribute (Darby O'Gill)

My homage to Alex Toth.

Darby O'Gill is the first comic book of Alex that I remember reading, sure the first of my collection of his Dells. When the official website Tothfans.com opened an homage section where authors could post their tributes to the master, I sketched this drawing in pencil. It was 2005, more or less, Alex was still alive, and... to be honest I never had the courage to submit it (which I regret a lot). 
So when Paul Fricke of Bluemoonstudios asked me to join the renewed homages feature, early this year, it looked natural to me to pull this Darby out of the drawer and, finally, I finished it.

To my biggest pleasure, the piece is shown in the Tribute Gallery section of Tothfans.com.

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