01 April 2009

All'inizio di una storia/2


alan said...

Fantastic character studies. All very well realised and individual - full of, well, character. the first ink study is brilliant - very loose brushwork, not your usual style

Pagas said...

Splendida Julia in mise invernale.


Lorraine said...

cool designs. the robots are my favs

looka said...

Roberto, killing it again...!
Wonderful drawings... It's cool to see this story come together.

Roberto Zaghi said...

Thank you all!
you're damn right, I did the sax player years ago, back then I had been doing more life drawings and my brushwork was more fluent. Gotta come back en plain air!

viene da un bel catalogo di moda anni 70 trovato in libreria:)

that's Yeudhi, the vacuumcleaner-bot, always fighting with Julia's kitten. Welcome here and congrats for your blog!

It's much fun doing them, btw they come from different stories I've been doing over the years. Thanks!

Marco Roblin said...

HA! Great work Roberto! The greatest thing is also when you get to see the making off a great art like yours!
All the best my friend!

bentonjew@yahoo.com said...

Beautiful sketches!

Like the looser, more spontaneous feel of "Gus".

Elia said...

bellissimi studi!!

Roberto Zaghi said...

marco, benton, elia:
...thanks mates!

Joseph Lee said...

Wonderful concept sketches!

Claudio Cerri said...

Bellissimi studi, complimenti e buona Pasqua!

Roberto Zaghi said...

I'm really glad to hear it from you man:)

grazie mille, carina la nuova icona!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Damn fine drawing ;)

il decu said...

Che bella Julia!

Roberto Zaghi said...

thanks man:)

bene! E' uno studio per il n°107.